Streetwise Streetsafe

Streetwise Streetsafe is a new campaign hoping to address the rise of knife crime in the local community.

As well as educating against the use of weapons, our new the campaign looks to break the cycle of gang-culture by offering support and advice to those at risk.

Streetwise Streetsafe along with other agencies and charity’s hope to create a safe place to engage and support people who are at risk from harm, abuse and exploitation. We are also looking to work with people that have offended through a range of methods, involving those who have lived the experience but who have come through and with our help hope they will support their own communities.

With the help of volunteers from our new programme, currently under development, we will look to support and create opportunities to restart futures and build hope. Social action plays a huge part in changing people’s direction; therefore, we hope to find opportunities for participants to volunteer in a number of community events and projects.

Streetwise Streetsafe can deliver personal safety training. This personal safety system has been designed to give people essential and potentially life-saving skills.

Streetwise Streetsafe can be delivered as one-off workshops or as full programmes for schools, community groups and clubs.

Streetwise Streetsafe is quick and easy to learn and fast to apply. Our programmes are suitable for anyone 8 years and onwards no matter of ability of background. It is also great for organisations who need to protect their staff and volunteers.

Your Help for Your Community

We are currently looking for help from local business and groups to play their part in partnership with us to make our community a safer place and launch this important project.

We need your help

Get in touch and get involved. We need people who can bring the community together and become Streetwise Streetsafe.

Streetwise Streetsafe are proud to support the National Home Office initiative

Go #knifefree click the link below.