Door Supervision Level 2

  • Physical Intervention skills suitable for the private security industry
  • Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors; Counter Terrorism, First Aid Awareness and dealing with children and young people

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Control & Restraint Level 2

To allow the delegate to practice Control & Restraint techniques in a controlled environment and to instruct the delegate on the following knowledge and skills

  • The Law in relation to the use of physical force
  • The various appropriate technical physical skills required for the competent application of Control & Restraint including appropriate methods
    of restraining, holding still and containing a person in an ethical but compliant manner

  • Explain the risks associated with the use of physical force when used during Physical Intervention and Control and Restraint
  • Highlighting the Medical Implications involved in the use of Control & Restraint Course Content

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Mechanical Restraints Handcuff/Carecuff Level 2

This handcuff level 2 programme is suitable for those involved in

  • Security Guarding

  • Door Supervision

  • Event safety and Security

  • Or you currently work and are employed where the use of a mechanical restraint would be required to be applied, i.e. Custody Officer.

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Carecuff Level 2

Whilst no means designed to replace the standard issue handcuff used by law enforcement and military agencies globally, the new Care Cuff product is designed to complement the equipment choices based on situations arising, it is based on a principle of less lethal force, via a reduction in application harm, self-harm and removal harm to the restrained persons, being more suitable for the Mental Health sector, Young offenders, or any fully supervised restraint.

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Carecuff Level 2 Training

Dealing with Difficult Situation

This is our flagship Course
This is designed by us at the request of a client and we think possibly the only course currently available in the UK for those who deal with situations that require de-escalation and diffusion skills, we currently deliver this course to Social Service’s and those involved with Child Services, however this course can be tailored to your specifications.

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Baton Skills

This course is designed for those who are authorised to carry batons as part of their day to day duties and includes those employed on CP duties out of the UK.

The course is delivered by operators who have operational experience and a wealth of knowledge.

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Breakaway and De-Escalation

This course is designed as a low-level self-defence course which includes both theory and practical skills.

Currently delivered to those who have an enforcement role within both the private and public sectors.

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Physical Intervention

This course is intended for trainers who want to deliver physical intervention training within the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision. It will cover the knowledge and understanding of the areas that are relevant to the role of the trainer delivering Physical Intervention.

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Positive Handling

This course is delivered to those within the Education/NHS & Social Care including Secure Units and transportation sectors. This course is run inline with current Department of Education guidelines, for those in the Education sector.

Our current NHS delivery is run in line with the current requirements laid down by NICE and the latest NHS protect guidelines.

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Using one of our specialist Instructors who has over 20yrs experience in the field we can deliver safeguarding training to your group, company or organisation. If you have a specific need then contact us for more information.

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Health Care Security Officer

This qualification is recommended as training for SIA licenced security officers working in the healthcare environment. It is not a replacement for Security officer training and should only be delivered to those who have undertaken accredited training. The topics covered are important to maintaining good practice in the safe and secure support of patients during bed watch duties or those who are admitted onto hospital grounds.

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